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Annual Diversity Breakfast "Closing the 9th Street Divide"



We started this event 7 years ago. The first breakfast we partnered with local News outlets to help ease the racial tensions that exist in our city and country. With 2022 being a challenging year we need this more than ever. We are hoping to unite our entire by simply talking to one another. So we can learn our hopes, dreams, fears, and to find out we are not so different.

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Community Connections Group Homeless Coat and food Give-A-Way


Running from 2012 to present.  


Community Connections visits homeless camps all around the city to provide food and clothing for those in need.


For more information please contact Bruce Ray at 502-905-1676

Annual Turkey Give-a-way 


Held once a year at the Dolfinger building (located at 2500 Montgomery Street in the Portland neighborhood), Community Connections does a turkey give-a-way.

Last year we gave away a total of 1200 turkeys, 400 hams and 8000 pounds of chicken to families in need!



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